One final run

Today, I put my affairs in order,
Didn’t have much to say or do;
but when my lips caressed that glass with the goodness of 1759,
It was the closest I’d felt to bliss in a while.
When the wind brushed into my face at the back of a bike,
I knew peace, felt weightless like I still had possibilities.

But when I sat on that stool with the quadruple Turkeys,
I wrote my will with clarity
I am by no means a brave man,
as you’ll probably agree after today,
But Boy, I made manly declarations,
Spoke truths that would’ve shook the chalice out of the Pope’s hand,
With nothing to lose, I laid it all there,
Didn’t hold back, coz it wouldn’t have been fair.

Felt affection through my back as Sharon hugged me,
As she conspired with my beer to take my money,
I knew love for 5 minutes and 22 seconds,
as she whispered assuring falsehoods,
I drifted off, didn’t mean to be rude,
But, I recalled a much more beautiful woman,
One with a nose ring and dreamy eyes,
The one who was my truth and could never go wrong,
The one whose gentle hands made a clean incision along my back,
That got me speaking Latin as Ceasar did,
Eh, amica mea

For when they found out that I’m no more,
I sent apologies, to my sons, and on second thought their mother,
Their ill fortune was having a horrible dad,
For Kadogo whose beers tasted better on credit, 
I addressed my love and wrist watch;
The one with the rotating globe that I won in a bet,
with it a note explaining that If ghosts do exist,
then he’s lucky because in me he’s got a friendly.

For those who’d tear when they’d lower me into the earth,
I wrote specifically with words like “I’ll always be here,
” I’m gone to a better place” and “I loved you,
Hope they’ll make peace with my decision.
I hugged Sharon, held her tight so she’d have a sob story-
About how she should’ve known from how my arms looked sad,
Walked out after taking a long look at em long stools,

If heaven’s better than here then they probably have better stools.


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