Therapy Session 002

Day 4/22 of the Winter blogging challenge and i tried something a little bit different!!

Hellos from the Past

What happens when you suddenly feel the urge to talk to people you used to know, do you face your fears and make that risky phone call?? is it worth the risk of reopening healed scars? or should we let the dead chill in peace?? well, my latest story describes the feeling and my own experience making that call. What would you do? let me know in the comments.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Unlike previous letters to my daughter, this time I addressed one to my younger self. I reflect on my life and the lessons I’ve learned; my relationships, love for music and football, struggles and triumphs in life. Ultimately, its an acknowledgement of my younger version who’s struggles, have made me the person I am today.

One final run

Today, I put my affairs in order,Didn’t have much to say or do;but when my lips caressed that glass with the goodness of 1759,It was the closest I’d felt to bliss in a while.When the wind brushed into my face at the back of a bike,I knew peace, felt weightless like I still had possibilities….

Love Dies

03:55,That last kiss before we slept,Those Tears in your eyes,hurt and blood in mine,When I promised that we’d be fine,When we fought to keep it together,and I spewed together forevers,wishing that the night had been longer.that we’d slowed down time,That we weren’t mere mortals.When I started to miss you while you were in my arms,and…

Someone Else’s Turn

It’s 4:00 am in my bed, but who’s keeping tabs.It’s that last message that I sent,how inconsequential it seems now,Thought I knew how goodbyes work,but now it seems unlikely,Thought we would outlive the pandemic,but turns out we were never strong enough,We got beat. So I’ve learned that it doesn’t work out for me,tried many times,so…

Stories for H: Man Plans, God Decides

“You may make your plans, but God directs your actions.” Proverbs 16:9 Dear H,“Man plans but God decides, so sometimes you’ll make plans, but things won’t always go your way”I had the rare chance of studying while young thanks to your grandparents who enrolled me in Primary one at the age of 4. This, with…

Stories for H: I Hope You Outlive your Fears

Dear H, “We must travel in the direction of our fear”. John Berryman For years I lived in fear, sunk deep under numerous waves of fear and I let them take charge of my life.In a way, my fears varied and ultimately came to determine how I lived. As a young boy my most intense…