One final run

Today, I put my affairs in order,Didn’t have much to say or do;but when my lips caressed that glass with the goodness of 1759,It was the closest I’d felt to bliss in a while.When the wind brushed into my face at the back of a bike,I knew peace, felt weightless like I still had possibilities….

Of Birthdays and Death

Yesterday (26th November) was my birthday and as is often the cliché, it was never meant to be a happy one, soon as I got to office I learnt of the demise of the Dad to my friend and boss who passed on through the night. Naturally I was sad for her, and when I…

Leaving this Planet

As I prepared to swallow those pills that day, one thing kept on running in my mind, it was a distant memory one from 2006 that I thought I’d blocked all those years ago. I remembered returning to the dormitory two weeks into my new school and being told that some kid that I didn’t…

Dear Dad,

Been a while, I thought alot about somebody I once knew who had Cancer, so how about a story about just that, the pain, lost hope, helplessness and tears lost In a cancer storm!! #blogging #fiction #amwriting #creativewriter

A worthy Murder

it’s Sunday, thought I would drop in a short story, something a little less happy so enjoy

Mental Health is not selective

This is not a story, today am actually angry, from all the crap I’ve been reading online am disgusted with people, my hands tremble in the rhythm of rage as I type down what I thought would be a Eulogy but turns out to be a pathetic attack on views contrary to mine… This week…

The Mob is Never Right

They set your body ablaze and laughed at how fast it burnt, Someone said that your body and Petrol were made for each other, You wailed in denial, writhed in the pain, and begged for mercy, to your last breath you swore that you had not stolen the motorcycle even as the flames on your…