One final run

Today, I put my affairs in order,Didn’t have much to say or do;but when my lips caressed that glass with the goodness of 1759,It was the closest I’d felt to bliss in a while.When the wind brushed into my face at the back of a bike,I knew peace, felt weightless like I still had possibilities….

Leaving this Planet

As I prepared to swallow those pills that day, one thing kept on running in my mind, it was a distant memory one from 2006 that I thought I’d blocked all those years ago. I remembered returning to the dormitory two weeks into my new school and being told that some kid that I didn’t…

Dawn of a Life;

Day two of Short Stories, again depending on who you ask, this is mostly a true story, so enjoy!!

I’ll be Fine

Most days I regret waking up, so in those moments I hope that the big guy in Heaven, really sees everything, I hope that he’ll succeed where I’ve tried and failed that he’ll finally grant my wish, and I’ll get to meet him In his glory. Some days I wake up hopeful, so I fill…

Mental Health is not selective

This is not a story, today am actually angry, from all the crap I’ve been reading online am disgusted with people, my hands tremble in the rhythm of rage as I type down what I thought would be a Eulogy but turns out to be a pathetic attack on views contrary to mine… This week…