Daily Prompt: Believe

via Daily Prompt: Believe What Happened To Uganda, The Country We Were All Proud Of? The early 2000's to which most of my age-mates and I gain our political knowledge were great times to grow up into. The economy was stable, the doughnuts and food were cheap and sizable, education was cheap, we attended  public... Continue Reading →

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Am Working through It

People that battle Mental health related issues go quite through alot, it comes in different ways that are never that straight forward, the mood swings, hypersensitivity and contradictions make it almost impossible, but they try, with support of family and friends they try to prevail, I have gradually gotten better, I wrote this three years... Continue Reading →

When I’ll take back my love:

Hello Blogren, how have y'all been?  So I realized that somehow I have atleast a hundred short stories that I've never really shared so I figured why not just drop them one by one so if all goes to plan, I should be able to share a short story (ofcourse in my stanza format style) every two days for this entire month so to start with here's one I wrote in Janurary 2018!!

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