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via Daily Prompt: Believe What Happened To Uganda, The Country We Were All Proud Of? The early 2000's to which most of my age-mates and I gain our political knowledge were great times to grow up into. The economy was stable, the doughnuts and food were cheap and sizable, education was cheap, we attended  public... Continue Reading →

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It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so I figured, I would bring back this!!

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #EverymindMatters


And I am not explaining but I hope that you do get;
That it’s never about you, but it’s all me,
Just me, and my lengthy and twisted issues:
Me and my esteem, trust, and mental issues,
Hope you get that I send away people, then laugh at how fast they scatter,
pat myself on the back for knowing they’d leave.

That when I go through shit, I do it solo,
that even with all these people I still feel lonely,
That am always laid back but not lazy,
That I don’t hate people, but prefer my own company,
That am growing older and so is the restlessness,
That am weak, and fall when you push me,
That I let people in, but never that deep,
That I always feel like shit but dish out smiles, like Santa

That I love, but only from afar, that way I don’t screw…

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To a son in Kampala

Two years ago, influenced by true life events, I wrote To a Son in Kampala, a letter written by a mother to her son, who leaves for the greener pastures of the big city but doesn’t return soon enough!!


You boarded Otada coach that day, lured into that evil town by the clutches of opportunity,
You were never one to accept poverty, you always said that we all had a right to be rich, Kampala people you said, had enough and lived in wealth.
When one day I made the mistake of asking you who had said this nonsense,
You got excited and began telling me of Pilato who is not the one in the Bible,
You said this man was a thinker and he had imagined a world where everyone was happy, content, rich, and never sad.
When I told you that it was not possible you said I was using my brain,
told me of Pilato’s learner who had later refused to agree with him.

I wanted to stop you, convince you to stay for just one more month, one small month
Wait for Abiro’s army like…

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