A wise man I’m proud to call teacher last year asked me what I stood for, it sounded too simple for a question.

It wasn’t until I parted my lips in reply that I realized that I had never, really quite sat down to contemplate the question or its implication.
Prior to this I had been grumbling about how it was only fair that don’t ever repeat what I had done; criticizing through writing the detention, assault and extortion of money from three students from my university which earned me a treat from an unknown person who bellowed whatever anguish they had about my writing in a rather unfriendly phone call that sadly ended before I could make my point but the message had been delivered.

I had no intention in playing hero in a melodrama so I followed instructions and concentrated more on soccer.
To cut the story short I was threatened into becoming afraid of the backlash articles I write might bring but it was through that conversation with my teacher that I first dared to find out what I stood for.

So here we are, a blog for me to try and respectfully address issues that I feel need redressing by an amateur “wannabe” writer because the reality is I have no reputation to lose but instead could gain a lot if I annoy the right people………