The Mob is Never Right

They set your body ablaze and laughed at how fast it burnt, Someone said that your body and Petrol were made for each other, You wailed in denial, writhed in the pain, and begged for mercy, to your last breath you swore that you had not stolen the motorcycle even as the flames on your […]

Sabbatical Comes To an End.

Returned yesterday from my blogging sabbatical in which I went on a reading spree, suffocating myself with lots of writings and really enjoyed the quiet “Me and my books 📚” time as I call it. So I read a couple of awesome books from writers like Agatha Christie, Chinua Achebe, Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, Ngugi wa […]

Daily Prompt: Compromise

via Daily Prompt: Compromise Under the shade of the old oak tree in the compound, the old man taught them about the ethical values and morals that had guided and set apart their tribe from many others throughout the region. Acholi people as an ethnic group were guided on the principles of love for one […]