Sunday mornings are meant to be relaxed,but I don’t feel the calm a single bit,So I try to recollect the conversations,Browse through texts, stickers and emojis,hope that I’ll discover something new,Anything to bring back the heights you brought to life. The things that helped me get by when you were away,Now offer momentary happiness,I smile…


Want to know what those sleepless nights look like, well here’s a peek

Am Working through It

People that battle Mental health related issues go quite through alot, it comes in different ways that are never that straight forward, the mood swings, hypersensitivity and contradictions make it almost impossible, but they try, with support of family and friends they try to prevail, I have gradually gotten better, I wrote this three years…

Hanging onto Hope

A short story about a strong woman who continues to hang on to hope in the face of uncertainty as she awaits the return of her loved one from abroad!!

Break up

My eyes open up to the mess besides me, Broken bottles, paper plates and spilled food, My pants are damp and something feels torn, I stare at you lying naked beside me, You stare back, i can almost swear that you wink, And I hate that smug look on your face, I hate you, myself…

How I met your Uncle

Depending on who asks, this is a work of fiction but I wrote this 2yrs ago about a wild and literally lit night in the life of two friends, and since I loved “How I met your mother”, what better way to show admiration than use a similar title, enjoy!!

Murder She Thought

You say you love but I don’t believe you, you’ve never showed me any affection, most of your jokes suck, but this one is really funny, you say you’re proud of me, but you’re an actor, i ain’t tripping over you’re latest scene. You reach out to me, with wide open arms, want to hug,…