Therapy Session 002

Day 4/22 of the Winter blogging challenge and i tried something a little bit different!!

Hellos from the Past

What happens when you suddenly feel the urge to talk to people you used to know, do you face your fears and make that risky phone call?? is it worth the risk of reopening healed scars? or should we let the dead chill in peace?? well, my latest story describes the feeling and my own experience making that call. What would you do? let me know in the comments.

Love Dies

03:55,That last kiss before we slept,Those Tears in your eyes,hurt and blood in mine,When I promised that we’d be fine,When we fought to keep it together,and I spewed together forevers,wishing that the night had been longer.that we’d slowed down time,That we weren’t mere mortals.When I started to miss you while you were in my arms,and…

Good company

I Sit through those movies everyday,Feed you cookies and watch you try to resist,grin in confidence that as always you’ll eat them,In between movie scenes, I listen to those stories,About cousin Debbie who makes pizza every other Easter,hear about Joel’s new job at the hospital I pat your hair and chase mosquitoes,your woes float in…

She Loved me.

She loved me detailed and stupid,with my small shoulders and esteem issues,With every lock of my unkempt hair,with all em scary demons from my past,with all my fuck-ups and storms I created. She loved me special,Like the Apocalypse had happened,and I was the only one. She loved me tough,put me in my place each fuckin…

A semblance of humanity stil exists:

Yesterday i sat in a Najjera bound taxi and experienced one of those joyful moments for society where you just open up your mouth and sing the national anthem in pride ad regard for your country. I was heading on my way home at around 4;00pm after a fruitful discussion with a potential business partner…

When Parents Betray

He returned home smiling every other day, Tired from his daily endeavors, Yet never too exhausted to smile for them, or indulge in the cheer evoking tickling games. They were many, eight of them, With three different loving mothers, Yet he had a special way with each child, always made them feel special and loved…….