Mego’s Malakwang and the Charm of Home:

A bead of sweat escapes through the pores of her skin and trickles down her face and she lets it, so intent is she on her task at hand, that she doesn’t notice it or even the fly that seeks her acknowledgment by doing a crazy dance around her. She faces her task with the…

The Joy of Poetry:

I’ve felt uncontrollable joy listening to feelings woven neatly into words and rhyme,smiled as Francisco pauses and faces his audience before unpacking a monologue,Been amazed by the beauty that escapes from the lips of Huwa,loved every bit, admired the accuracy with which she draws her thoughts onto her lips,Been on the receiving end of the…

Hellos from the Past

What happens when you suddenly feel the urge to talk to people you used to know, do you face your fears and make that risky phone call?? is it worth the risk of reopening healed scars? or should we let the dead chill in peace?? well, my latest story describes the feeling and my own experience making that call. What would you do? let me know in the comments.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Unlike previous letters to my daughter, this time I addressed one to my younger self. I reflect on my life and the lessons I’ve learned; my relationships, love for music and football, struggles and triumphs in life. Ultimately, its an acknowledgement of my younger version who’s struggles, have made me the person I am today.

Love Dies

03:55,That last kiss before we slept,Those Tears in your eyes,hurt and blood in mine,When I promised that we’d be fine,When we fought to keep it together,and I spewed together forevers,wishing that the night had been longer.that we’d slowed down time,That we weren’t mere mortals.When I started to miss you while you were in my arms,and…


Sunday mornings are meant to be relaxed,but I don’t feel the calm a single bit,So I try to recollect the conversations,Browse through texts, stickers and emojis,hope that I’ll discover something new,Anything to bring back the heights you brought to life. The things that helped me get by when you were away,Now offer momentary happiness,I smile…

Stories for H: The One With The Fish That Entered the Taxi.

Dear H,On your way to the Holy Grail, you’ll sometimes have to sip from plastic shapeless mugs, but it’s okay and I hope you’ll have the humility to recognize the shapeless plastic mugs for what they are; vessels that will curtain raise for the fine wines you’ll eventually get to sip in your golden chalice….