Letter to My Teenage Self

Dear Lil Rhacky,

If you’re reading this then chances are that you’re gone,
and have been replaced inevitably by the shell they call Lord Rhaikara.
I know you probably wouldn’t approve because he’s far from what we envisioned,
for starters he’s not an artiste like we want to be,
he blames puberty and the theft of the book with our songs,
but if we’re being honest it’s because he just wasn’t as good as you are.
but in his defense, he’s dabbled in the arts a bit,
played poet for a few years, and makes a mean cocktail (yeah, it’s artistic).

He’s definitely thicker 😀

Replacements are meant to be better than their predecessors,
but in this case, I doubt he is better than you,
don’t be misled by the name and he may go by the moniker of a Lord,
but he’s got issues that would rattle a commoner.
So what he dresses better, is 15 kilos thicker, less naïve and if you’ll hear me out probably braver and less of a quitter,
but none of the things he is can ever measure up to your innocence,
your belief, zeal, and therefore quest for happily ever afters and the blissfulness that comes along with them.

Like said your innocence is amazing 🤗

He looks back at you often and is filled with pride,
he gasps sometimes at what you had to go through,
but it’s only for a moment because as soon as em pity thoughts come,
he dismisses them away with the wave of his spects,
the pain and the hurt you went through, he acknowledges it,
with neither disdain nor regret but as a pothole on your way to him.

So essentially this letter is time-defying,
an ode to the teenage you, a curious boy who saw the world,
and was never fazed by it, a boy who knew no impossibility,
who was excited by chicken wings, and wanted so badly to own a phone for Facebook,
a boy who romanticized life, and saw beauty everywhere he looked.
With respect to that, I’ll drop the writing persona and address you directly,
I’ll use this opportunity to answer your questions;
put to good use the hindsight that being alive has granted me.

I’ll have you know that time travel is theoretically possible,
thanks to Einstein’s theory of relativity,
the internet is home to a lot of information, but is equally a haven for lies,
your teenage crushes and four loves are mostly married,
one moved overseas and has 3 kids and a Pomeranian called Lorde, (ironic I know),
and every once in a while I say howdy on your behalf.

You’re a late bloomer and you get your fair share of relationships,
and yeah, they’re beautiful, women are too.
You’ve experienced love and its low-grade version,
and been the hero and villain of some of your affairs.

You’ve switched political allegiances on 2 occasions
but still love Manchester United and Dortmund.
your taste is still pretty much the same,
so most days Coldplay, Eminem, Daughtry, Linkin Park, and 3 Doors Down serenade you,
but now there’s MGK, NF, Witt Lowry, Chike, Azawi and a couple others too.

So today’s 26, I know am not on the path where you would’ve wished me,
I’m on an entirely different path, but the goal is still the same.
the biggest take away for me would be, LIFE,
I’m no stranger to loss and have lost my fair share,
but I’ve kept some friendships and Paapa is one of those,
12 years later, were still going strong.
Hate to bother you with the details but thrice, 
we’ve almost ended things,
but through his grace am still here.

Still trying to find our purpose
and are far from where we want  want to be, but I never let that fact faze me,
coz as long as I am still alive, it’s only a matter of time,
so thank you for hanging in there,
After all, I am only a reward of your struggles,
and a synonym of your resilience, so happy birthday to us.


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