Stories Addressed to H:

February is here and with it my return to blogging sixty-two days later from my last blog post, It’s been a great two months of planning my return to Blogging, spent some good time procrastinating about it too and putting it off until I opted for February since it would give me enough time to figure out how I wanted to tell my story.

In the end, I read a bit, did some research which also involved watching How I Met Your Mother (read the greatest sitcom ever made), and got lost reading Elise Tirza’s Blog that was kindly recommended by my friend Connie Dia who when I shared my first Dear H piece with her gave me my initial critique and sent me to Elise’s blog.

So I’m grateful to those great storytelling women, to Carter Bays and Craig Thomas for creating the finest sitcom and to life for offering me more lessons than I could ever ask for and for my friends and fam for experiencing it with me.

For the next two months, twice a week, I’ll share real-life stories from my past addressed to my daughters whose first names are scripted, to begin with, H and I won’t always know which one I’m writing to but I’ll figure it out as time goes.

This direction is a continuation from a piece I shared last year in July that was simply a letter to my child as had been advised by my shrink who got me taking a peek in the future and then writing to a future child so I would have something to look forward to and ultimately make me want to stay alive.

In a way, I’m still clueless about many things and continue to find a new writing voice so I hope that you, my reader will join me as we gradually figure it out together and where possible I’ll be receptive to advise and recommendations.

So for today it’s Hi and happy new year and thank you in advance for reading and following my blog.

Click the here to read my first entry for stories for H

Apwoyo Matek,
Won H,

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  1. conniedia says:

    Awwwwwww indeed it’s a new year. Proud to see you putting it out here already.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, figured I’d just go for it and put them here!!


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