No Redemption for Sinners

Took a dip in the river,
Washed up clean and turned a new page,
Found a new purpose,
Thought I would give me redemption,
But you were always a good shot,
Always shot to kill,
evaded the layers of kevlar,
Went for skin, grazed an artery,
And now you got me bleeding.

Thought I would get away with an apology,
But I guess it wasn’t enough, so now we even,
Thought I would make amends,
But that’s not how this story ends,
So I’m dropping the commiserations,
I finally know how you felt,
Know through my body and veins,
Slowly as I fade away, I know how you felt,
It’s the last thing I get to do.

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  1. Lord, this very disturbing. Are you OK? God is always there with you. There is always redemption, grace, mercy, unfailing love.


    1. Hello Sheila, I’m doing okay and thanks for looking out for me, I’m humbled and grateful to you and for God’s mercy and grace and will surely overcome!!!

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      1. Yes! Absolutely! I know so many people who are under crippling attack right now. Hang on to Him.


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