Day 9/21: My Top 5 Blogs

Favourite blogs; this is a hard ask for me considering that I follow quite a large number of blogs and try to keep up with em for different reasons ranging from their unique perspectives, scope of blogging and among other things how they make me feel. But nonetheless I think if I were to make a top 5 list, it would probably look like this (in no particular order)

The Godly Chic Diaries:
I’m a Christian, so you’ll probably never believe my amazement when I discovered this blog. For a while I was an ardent reader, and regularly went down that street for inspiration benefiting from the blog’s numerous lessons on humility, faith, forgiveness and prayer. Admittedly though, I hadn’t visited for a while until today when i had to come up with this list but it’s just one of those blogs that left a mark on me during a few trying times so if you can head over and check it out, I would particularly recommend this post “Are we this humble” .

Becoming the muse:
Everyone loves an Uncle, especially an insightful one like Beaton whose experience and knowledge just take you places and give you perspective. So it’s only natural that I am a big fan especially his coffee sessions (I refuse to explain what they are so head over there and you’ll understand what I mean.) So if you were to be push me to the wall, I would admit that this is my favourite blog and I still hope that one day I’ll make that trip to Zimbabwe and share a cup of coffee and Mazondo. (Google that)

This is one of those blogs that I like to checkout quite alot and its charm lies in ability to be spontaneous and unpredictable, I mean one day it’s the economy or technology then history and life lessons tomorrow. I mean you never know what to expect because his content is really unique. His ability to just do a fine job and make every piece as informative and insightful as possible is what makes his blog stand out.

It’s good to be crazy sometimes
Trina runs a blog which she uses to talk about her woes with mental illness and among other things host these amazing blog parties. I’ve followed her blog for close to two years, right from the early days of my blogging journey and it’s one of those blogs that I can easily credit for normalizing conversation on mental health and giving me the courage to share a few pieces about my own battles so yeah, am a huge fan.

The Poets Peace:
It’s no secret that I love poetry so naturally Lazarus’s blog that has alot of well written prose and short verses is one of those places I go to every once in a while infact if you were to borrow my phone and open my WordPress you would probably find more than ten saved poems from the Lazarus who I also hold in high regard for his ability to be consistent, like I could stay off social media for three months and return and still find bunch of poems from the Poet’s Peace on my reader.

11 thoughts on “Day 9/21: My Top 5 Blogs

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  1. Greeting’s my Lord Rhaikara, firstly alllow me to tell you how honoured I am that a skilled writer such as yourself holds my blog in high esteem. As a fellow follower of many a blog I can testify that there are plenty of talented writers here on the blogosphere, which is why I’m very grateful that my blog has made it into your top 5. Secondly, I wanted to thank you for the link to my blog. I really appreciate your support. Also, I’m a big fan of Beaton the muse, I agree that his work is very insightful (although admittedly I haven’t been checking his blog out as much as I would love to). I enjoy the Godly Chic Diaries as well, haven’t heard of the other blogs but I’ll be sure to check them out. Once again, thank you and have a blessed week

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  2. Thank you so much glad to make the list, no pushing to the wall will be necessary I will also check out the other bloggers you mentioned whom I am not familiar with, Benjamin is good people’s too so I trust your judgement and will make your favourite my favourite
    Thanks again


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