Mental Health is not selective

This is not a story, today am actually angry, from all the crap I’ve been reading online am disgusted with people, my hands tremble in the rhythm of rage as I type down what I thought would be a Eulogy but turns out to be a pathetic attack on views contrary to mine…

This week has been marred by two suicides, the first one involving famed designer Kate Spade on Tuesday and the most recent one being that of CNN presenter and Chef Anthony Bourdain just yesterday.

I may not have been familiar with the life of Kate Spade beyond the elegance of her hand bags but I knew a little more about Anthony Bourdain considering I was a big fan and I respected the man.

You see, for me he wasn’t just a presenter, he was the human incarnation of the Phoenix; dish washing in New Jersey, Cape Cod and finally as an Executive chef in Manhattan, he reinvented himself from a disturbed young man plagued with a “heroin addiction” to the grown man who excel preparing food and later at the unique skill of telling the story of food and culture..

With his award winning series “Unknown Parts”, Bourdain brought the world nearer, through his art, Bourdain sent us to Asia, and the Middle East, demystifying places and foods previously unknown, it sure helped that he was a chef, I remember thinking that there was no better person to tell a story than a person who could exclusively experience the phenomenon he told his audience about.

And for all my hero worship nothing, could have been as disturbing as the threads on social media and some main stream media articles that seemed to peddle the view that “money and fame is not everything”.

It was at that point that I felt a sort of anger if not disappointment, seemingly at the suggestion that Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain went through tough times that led to their suicides just because they were rich and famous..

Everyone suffers with their demons, stress is real, depression is freaking real, trauma exists, people suffer but their friends and family hardly notice because they wear an armour of strength and when they finally put their phones down and log out of social media or get off air, life is a shithole, people are lonely and broken but they put on a show for the world because out there em freaks care more about perfection than about how you really are!!

So instead of you sitting in your perfection and judging people because you think you can and while at it claiming that money, fame and success are not everything, get closer to people, offer them your time, go out and talk to them don’t only text them, hug them instead of sending emojis, be there for them, you never know what lives you can save by showing that you care.

Rest In Peace Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain


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