Happiness and Leisure

Today I was up earlier than usual, a memory kept on lingering from a conversation I’d had a couple of months ago with a very close friend.

Patrick and I while engaged in our routine unscripted evening strolls that took us around the outskirts of Gulu Town, found ourselves locked in conversation about the quality of life in rural areas, we discussed lazily the idea of a perfect leisure that would force a smile on to the faces of a person.

What did it even mean to have a good leisure time?

I don’t recall the exact origin of the subject but one think stuck out, and it was a question that baffled us at the time.

How did people in rural areas who lacked  infrastructure and the most  basic of needs have a good time ?

People who had no electricity, like we were privileged to have in Gulu, people who had no beaches like Patrick and I had in Entebbe where we also live,  people who have probably never heard of 3D cinema which we were at liberty to enjoy in Entebbe at Victoria Mall,  people who couldn’t watch a Premier League game on the Weekend to be witness to Ander Herrera’s like we often enjoyed, people whose places were not safe that they had to go to bed early while Patrick and I enjoyed our evening walks in town.

Today as I lay in bed waiting for rooster to crow, I kept on thinking that maybe life was what you made it.

Whenever I travel to my village somewhere in the dry lands of Pader am without electricity, great romantic roads to have a stroll on or even a beach, my phone is rendered useless because we have no network connection so am not only offline but its like am cut off from the world.

But am always happy.

I get to bond with my family, catch mudfish, milk cows like a true novice, and get laughed at, play volleyball at the local primary school founded by my late grandfather, watch my peers dance the Larakaraka that I can only tell stories about,  laugh had at the stories told by my clan mate Austian Ogwang who allegedly fought in Burma and Germany where they were taught furock pronounced (frog) jump.

And I know its much but as I write am thinking, isn’t it more than most people are lucky to ever get!!



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