Not as Popular As You Think You are

via Daily Prompt: Lifestyle

For a person who has nothing to lose, am pretty proud, credit to the fact that somewhere in my head when i close my eyes i see a popular person, the world knows me.

But like I emphasized with the bold handwriting, its only in my headoutside my head to the world and to the air i collect for the sake of breathing, I like to present the notion of humility because something again inside my head yells at me when i let my inward popularity out of the confines of my head.

And like the opinionated freak am that expects everyone to act in a certain way, you can’t imagine how disgusted i get when a person tries to blow their popularity into my face.

So two weeks ago i attend an event under the camouflage of photography and am having a good field day, a couple of great shots and cheerful smiles from the girls in the tent, i notice a smart guy at the extreme end of the tent and head to him for a shot.

The shot is a good one and since am confident of my work, when he asks to have a look am all for showing him a piece of my brilliance which I can see from the smile on his face is not just a subjective product of again my head.

In the briefest of terms he likes my photo or depending on how you decided to look at it, his photo and want to have it.

Since am busy at the time and can’t afford to extract it at the time, I ask for his email, but according to him he doesn’t just give out his email to just anyone.


Maybe, but i understand- its fine by me but to be honest i when i think about it today, i don’t have a clue of what i understood.

But all the same am in a good mood so i ask for an alternative option and then instead of surprising me again, he just gets on my nerves.

“Are you on facebook?”

I reply in the affirmative and then he suggests that i post the photo and tag him which am not going to do even if its his dying wish because the photos first need to be sent to the client whose the reason me and my colleagues are attending the event in the first place.

But for my goodwill i decide to take his Facebook Username in the event that maybe a week or later when the photos are received I’ll do him a favor and send them, So i pause the question.

What’s your username?

Beat. Then wrong answer.

“How come you don’t you know me?, am an artiste, am…….”

Now am exasperated because I’ve never heard of him so i ask what songs he’s released. (Note that i don’t ask what popular songs he’s released)

He names two songs and breaks my heart, disappointment bites at me, am literally shouting “Only two?”, but of course i shout in my head

He doesn’t give me his username as another sight of a model exhibiting Sylvia Owori catches my eye and i head out to capture the memory.

Later that day at home i kept on thinking about Ellen Grossman who met Jayz on a subway in 2012 and asked him whether he was famous.

She didn’t know who the multiple award winning rapper who was valued  at $460 million by Forbes Magazine, to put it more mildly she had never heard of Beyonce’s husband, the founder of Rocawear.

She spent a few minutes with the celebrity and at the end of the encounter has this to say.

“he’s genuine”


I wish i could say the same for my celebrity.


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