The Handwriting Tag.

Lets pretend I have a nice handwriting and use the opportunity to nag a couple of people by spreading the handwriting tag with such energy.

You see I learnt to write at the age of three and it seems i depleted out my scribbling skills but kindly bear with me, lets enjoy the fun and laugh while or teeth are still flexible, but first here were the rules that i tried to play along to.


  • Write your name.
  • Write your blog’s name.
  • Write something nice.
  • Write the name of your favorite song, currently.
  • What are you writing with?
  • Write a fun fact about yourself.
  • Write /draw your favourite emoticon.
  • Write a silly message.
  • Write to whom are you tagging this.





Please bear with my sickening handwriting, Thanks to Ujala for filling me in.



Simple Ula

Plein air painting


Deniz Yalim



2 thoughts on “The Handwriting Tag.

  1. One republic!!!!!!!!! I love kids by one republic! 💖💖💖
    it was fun knowing you. The post is lovely and your writing isn’t that bad. I loved reading it! 😊


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