Gender Equality


The whole “gender equality” argument is one that is that is more complicated than my knowledge would ever permit me to fully comprehend.

Most times it’s my opinion that it gets entangled between the main arguments of whether its “equality” or “favor” that most feminists make their cases for.

In Uganda, female students who have progressed from their Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) stage are added a few university cut off points to support their Public University joining points.

This literally means that if a male student and female student both happen to get 16 points with aspirations to join Engineering school where the cut off points are 17, the female student gets her chance to live her dream while the male student has no other option to look for an alternative course of learning.

Now that is what I would refer to as favor which by the way doesn’t only happen at University level but also at secondary level where cut off aggregates are distributed unevenly, a top school may list a maximum of 6 aggregates for boys joining a school and make it 9 for the female.

Science has revealed that men are physically stronger than men which I believe affects how men and women execute their jobs and equality in this regard would only appear “impractical” in a scenario where both sexes work at a blue-collar establishment and women and men are both expected to do the same amount of manual work in the same time-scale.

It’s not that it would be impossible but it would be unfair (am not undermining women) which in my view would make equality almost difficult to achieve.

I respect women in many regards but it’s my opinion that gender equality cannot be achieved but we can work towards treating women with utmost respect and regard by trying to create equal opportunities for them but I don’t believe anything should be handed to them on a silver platter because women are not only smart, intelligent, impartial yet still emotional which in my opinion makes them better leaders and even sometimes the better sex with the power to change the world.

Growing up, I knew little about Benazir Bhutto except that she had charisma, bravery and was a one of the best citizens of the world and I added her on my top 5 list of great people that i respected, not because she was a woman but because of her character, same case for Sojourner Truth who I know more about which allows me better judgement to appreciate the greatness in her.

I would be a liar if I said that women are perfect because in lieu of all these strength they have their weaknesses and although being emotional and sensitive on any day can pass for a strength, it can also be a weakness but it definitely sets them apart from men and in my opinion the diversity in personality and character is a good thing.

Am all for women doing less manual work, women having an equal shot at leadership, employment or even responsibility but while the last three goals can be achieved through equality.

Equality would mean that women will be exposed to the same manual labor men do, the same marital rights as men and the promotion of the “gentlewoman” idea.

As a person with African roots, it would be quite a sight to watch my woman (if I had one) walk up to my parents and ask for my hand in marriage and as a male taught (by a woman) from a young stage to be a gentleman and respect women it would be equally exciting to watch my woman open the door to the car (if ever I get to own one) to allow me out after a date.

Question is what do you stand for? Is it equality or favor?  Am all for respect for women.



2 thoughts on “Gender Equality

  1. I completely agree with you. There’s a saying here “don’t give a fish to a man who’s hungry, give him a fishing rod so he can get the fish himself.”
    You see we can’t achieve quality between sexes, we can’t stop the oppression of women unti and unless we learn the difference between ‘favour’and ‘equality ‘. Women can’t be lifted up until they get opportunity to do that, an opportunity given because of her talent and not because she’s a female. Then only we can make this world a better place to live in. 💞
    Nice post.xx

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