Greatest Set of Words I Ever Said

A twitter user I follow, whose name I probably don’t remember-thanks to its length tweeted three days ago, informing me and his other forty-plus followers that the greatest set of words he ever said were “Thank you Jesus” and I concurred with him.

The only complication was that am notorious for having difficulty choosing in between two things because I always believe there Is always room for more choices.

So while I agreed that from a religious perspective that those words were arguably the best words I had ever heard, I also came to the realization that I had said lots of words that I loved and that had helped me grow as a person.

“I don’t know” is one of those phrases I wouldn’t consider great but in regard to how great they have made my life, am aroused to add them at least to the top 5 list for the greatest words I ever said.

You see, by admitting that I didn’t know the result was that at times I was mocked, made fun of and in rare but memorable times referred to as “daft” but It didn’t kill me.

On the bright side, every time I said that I didn’t know something, these greatest set of words lived up to their billing opened  doors to learn about what I didn’t know, the energy that would have been channeled into anger at my ignorance or rather the mockery that came with not knowing was channeled at learning.

Of course at first it was difficult, my ego wasn’t going to let me admit to my inability to know certain things, I figured I could act like I knew – which in all modesty wouldn’t be such a bad idea considering the fact that many people including my friends, family and a couple of acquaintances thought I was pretty knowledgeable for a person who didn’t get straight A’s.

And It took a single use of the phrase to see immediate results, when I didn’t know I was taught- either by my ignorant self, an online search engine or by a concerned book off the library shelf at campus.

Learning is a process and we can never know everything, each day in life is a chance to learn and be better, but you can’t learn when you already know to learn you need to be ignorant or even if possible feign it if possible.

it goes down to what Jackie Chan told Micheal Angarano in the “Forbidden Kingdom”.

“How can you fill your cup when it’s full? Empty your cup.”


8 thoughts on “Greatest Set of Words I Ever Said

  1. Hey, what a lovely post! Yes you can’t fill your cup when its full. (loved this one 😍). I don’t know is my favorite phrase too, in my language we say-” pata nahi”. ☺ adorable. xx 🙂

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